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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Pennsylvania

Dedicated to Helping Patients Benefit from New and Evolving Treatments

Our practice takes a holistic approach to health and wellness through the integration of conventional Osteopathic Medicine and alternative therapies, like medical marijuana. Our medical marijuana doctors are dedicated to carving your unique path toward health while educating you along every step of the way. With our support, you can apply for your medical marijuana card and find a combination of treatments that best support your health and wellness. 

 Non-Certification Holistic Medicine

Non-Certification Holistic Medicine


We analyze all aspects of physical, nutritional, environmental, spiritual and lifestyle elements. We consider alternative therapies as well as conventional methods of treatment.

a medical practice dedicated to helping patients

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The goal of MediCalm, as a practice, is to provide a superior level of care, with (or without) medical marijuana combined with education, advocacy, and strategies based on a holistic approach to enable our patients to achieve optimal health. A key tenet of MediCalm practice includes prioritizing the advancement of medical marijuana science in the framework of Osteopathic Medicine traditions inclusive of an ongoing bonafide relationship with our patients.

We are a medical practice dedicated to helping patients benefit from the new and evolving treatments now available with Pennsylvania’s compassionate medical marijuana legislation signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf on April 17, 2016.

Apply for Your Medical Cannabis Card in PA

Applying for your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania isn’t as complicated as it may seem. MediCalm provides a guiding hand through the medical marijuana certification steps in PA, so you can get the greatest benefit from a well rounded, holistic healthcare regime.

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