Why certify in New Jersey: A recreational state?

Jun 25, 2024
Your new prescription!
People ask why would I want to have a certification practice in NJ when adult's are allowed to use recreational cannabis? Let's see...

We are thrilled to announce that MediCalm is expanding our medical cannabis certification practice to New Jersey!  With 5 years of experience and nearly 10,000 certifications in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program, we are excited to bring our expertise to New Jersey.  While we have established an office in Mount Laurel, NJ,  all certification visits will be conducted by telephone, allowing patients from all 21 counties in New Jersey to access our MediCalm Medical Cannabis certification services.  Whether you are in PA or NJ, please visit https://Medicalmpa.com to schedule an appointment. 

As I pursued becoming a certifying practitioner in NJ, I was frequently asked why having a medical card in New Jersey would be beneficial when recreational cannabis is already legal. Let's address that here. First, it's important to note that cannabis is utilized differently for the medical patient, and instruction on its use is of the utmost importance. We prioritize education and proper use to treat your symptoms adequately. It's included in the cost of certification. At MediCalm, we believe that the annual certification process assists patients in determining the most suitable product choice based on its components, dosages, and delivery methods for their individual use based on their symptoms.  Second, there are various financial, convenience, and legal reasons to obtain and medical cannabis card in New Jersey. 

Here are some of the benefits:

- No state tax on medical cannabis products, resulting in long-term savings.

-Priority access at check out, parking, and customer service over recreational   cannabis users. 

-Delivery service from participating medical cannabis dispensaries.

-Up to 3 oz allowable purchase during 30 days, compared to 1 oz purchase every   30 days for a recreational cannabis user. 

-Enhanced legal protection.

-Access for patients under 21 years of age who have a qualifying condition.

Consider these advantages along with your MediCalm certification consultation, and see why it makes sense to obtain your medical cannabis card in New Jersey!